M Sara Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosenthal received all of her academic training at the University of Toronto, and she received her doctorate in bioethics from the University of Toronto's Joint Centre for Bioethics. Dr. Rosenthal's research interests focus on endocrine ethics, reproductive ethics, and clinical ethics education, including her novel multimedia work on moral distress. Dr. Rosenthal is Professor of Bioethics and Director, Program for Bioethics at the University of Kentucky, Departments of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Behavioral Science. She is Chair of the University of Kentucky Medical Center's Hospital Ethics Committee and directs the clinical ethics consult service. She is also faculty at the Center for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Kentucky; in this capacity, she also directs the Research Ethics Consultation Service, also known as "benchside ethics" consults. Dr. Rosenthal is a member of the American Thyroid Association, and Chair of its Ethics Advisory Board. She is also a member of The Endocrine Society, the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, and the Association of Bioethics Program Directors. She is the author of over 50 publications, has served as the bioethicist on numerous clinical practice guidelines, and has delivered over 150 scholarly presentations nationally and internationally.