Welcome to the Moral Distress Education Project


About the Program

The Moral Distress Education Project began as a conversation between Drs. M. Sara Rosenthal and Maria Clay, who met at a bioethics conference. Both of their institutions were grappling with consultation and educational issues surrounding moral distress. Dr. Rosenthal’s expertise in multimedia education, combined with Dr. Clay’s expertise in adult education, led to The Moral Distress Education Project, in which core multidisciplinary experts on moral distress from across the country were interviewed in a documentary-style media project. This project is a self-guided web documentary. The project will continue to grow as we collect more interviews, materials, and institutional sponsors. The goal of this project is to educate, inform, and de-stigmatize moral distress to help you, the viewer, process your own experiences. We aim to universalize the problem of moral distress, and we hope this is both an educational and validating experience.

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